Price List

We offer a wide selection of bison meat, available for purchase at our farm, at the Downtown Durham and Carrboro Farmers’ Markets and online.  Our meat is processed, dry aged, vacuum packed and flash frozen at a local USDA inspected facility.  All prices are per pound, unless stated otherwise.

Ground Burger1/3 lb. Patties - 4/sheet12.25
1/4 lb. Patties - 4/sheet12.25
1 lb. Ground Pack11.75
SteaksFilet Mignon (6-8 oz.)42.50
Flank Steak18.00
Flat Iron/Top Shoulder15.00
Hangar Steak19.00
London Broil15.00
N. Y. Strip Steak27.00
Ribeye Steak28.00
Sirloin Steak22.00
Skirt Steak

RoastsBrisket - Boneless13.50
Chuck Roast - Bone In12.00
Hump Roast12.00
Pot Roast12.00
Rump Roast11.00

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SausageZesty Italian - Pack13.50
Zesty Italian - Links13.50
Hot Italian - Pack13.50
Hot Italian - Links13.50
Bratwurst 13.50
Chorizo - Packs13.50
Chorizo - Links13.50
Sweet Italian - Pack13.50
Sweet Italian - Links13.50
Cinnamon Apple Bfst. Links13.50
Kabobs/Stew Meat12.50
Liver - Sliced/Whole5.00
Rocky Mt. Oysters6.00
Short Ribs9.50
Baby Back Ribs9.50
Tongue - Whole6.00
Jerky 1.5 oz. pkg.7.00
Bones (Soup)2.50
Bones (Femur)5.00
Ox Tail8.00
Shanks for Osso Bucco10.00
Sweet Lebanon Bologna (1/2lb)9.00
Snack Stix each3.00
Snack Stix 4 count11.00